Engineered for high-fidelity, Five elevates your listening experience with vivid stereo separation, clean bass, and spectacularly detailed vocals.

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HiFi and mighty

Meticulously engineered and masterly tuned, Five fills even your largest room with tight top notes, faithful vocals, and striking low end.

As easy as plug
and play

Simply plug in the power cable, connect your phone or tablet to WiFi, and open the Sonos app. Before you know it, you're streaming music, radio, audiobooks, and more from all your favourite services.

Connect any device and every room

Use an auxiliary cable to connect your turntable, CD player, or computer to Five’s 3.5 mm audio input. Easily send sound to all the Sonos speakers in your home for a best-in-class multi-room listening experience.

Outstanding on its own

Place Five horizontally and it automatically separates the left and right channels for full stereo sound. Position it vertically on either side and the digital processing adjusts to mono. The touch controls smartly adapt for any orientation.

Incomparable when paired 

Make the sweet spot even sweeter with a stereo pair. Position both speakers vertically for an out-of-this-world focused listening experience or horizontally for a mind-blowingly expansive soundstage.

Perfectly tuned for the room

Using the microphones in your iOS device, Trueplay™ tuning technology analyzes the unique acoustics of your space and optimizes the speaker’s EQ. So all your content sounds just the way it should.

Wonderfully wireless

Stream high-resolution lossless audio from anywhere in your home over WiFi. Unlike with Bluetooth®, listen without interruptions from phone calls or dropouts from limited range.

Control your way

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Touch controls

Touch and go

Capacitive touch controls provide quick, screen-free control. Simply tap or swipe to play, pause, adjust the volume, skip songs, and group your Sonos speakers.

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Sonos app

One app does it all like it's nothing

The Sonos app brings all your content and settings together in one place for effortless control from any room.

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Direct control

Use your favourite app

Control Sonos directly from supported apps, including Pandora, Spotify, and TIDAL.

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Apple AirPlay 2

Share audio from your Apple devices

Stream directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. With the Apple Home app, you can even use Siri on your device to play Apple Music.

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Customize your sound system

Mix and match products that fit all the places and ways you want to listen.
Pair identical speakers for richer stereo sound, build a surround sound system for home theatre, and feel even more immersed when you add Sonos to
every room.

Tech Specs


All six Class-D digital amplifiers have been perfectly tuned to the speaker's unique acoustic architecture.


Three tweeters create a crisp, high-frequency response, with one centre tweeter optimizing vocal playback and two angled tweeters creating spatial extension.


Three midwoofers ensure faithful playback of mid-range frequencies and maximize low-end output while the sealed architecture eliminates distortion.

Sealed Architecture

The sealed cabinet eliminates reverberation, echo and distortion.

Adjustable EQ

Use the Sonos app to adjust bass, treble, and loudness.


This software measures the acoustics of the room then fine-tunes the speaker. Supported iOS device required.

Which Sonos speaker is right for you?


Best for high-fidelity listening and powerful bass



3.5 mm line-in

Era 300

Best for spatial audio and immersive home theatre

Stereo, Dolby Atmos

WiFi, Bluetooth

USB-C Line in

Voice enabled